About us

Maildata offers high quality direct mail and data solutions.

Our 30 year experience and expertise in direct marketing, provides us the know-how required to offer top quality services. What makes our company stand out, is our dedication to understand our client's objectives and needs. Maildata is a member of the consortium Lists4Europe, a European network of direct marketing experts.


Data Solutions

Maildata is the only List Broker in Greece offering access to more than 10.000 mailing lists worldwide. With our deep knowledge in the regional Balkan and Eastern European market we provide only top quality mailing lists compliant with the data protection regulation laws (GDPR, FTC, PIPEDA, Roscomnadzor).

We are your data counselor that understands your needs and will advise and assist you to find the right contact list among multiple global list providers and data sources.


Direct Mail Services
We offer quality direct mail services in affordable prices. Lettershop service, inserting and poly-wrapping. Envelope, letter and barcode printing. Personalization and data entry.


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